Artists 2023

The Morning Call

We are more than excited about the The Morning Call Jazz Band joining us for our first edition! The members of the beloved swing band are young musicians with overflowing energy who willingly share their passion for swing inspired by composers and musicians such as Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Sidney Bechet, Count Basie etc. Talented instrumentalists, they also feast their voices when they sing - in chorus or solos - in the style of Barber Shop (Mills Brothers).Fully charged with an explosive and accurate sense of rhythm and melodies, they possess an outstanding ability of enhancing the vibe of the dancers on the floor. They will enchant you with their music every night of the event!

Rona Hartner & Taraful Hopa

Romania is a melting pot of cultures and for this first edition, we want everyone to experience a piece of our local folklore, cultivated, kept alive and developed by the very talented musicians from the Rromani community. We owe a great deal to the musicians belonging to this minority group for their participation in our national cultural heritage. This is why we are happy to have with us Rona Hartner & Taraful Hopaaa, our special guests who will open the Friday evening, playing for us a specific and authentic style developed in our territory, for which we don’t have an English word, but which was described at some point in our history as “the Romanian Jazz”. 

Beloved and known for her role in the film "Gadjo Dilo" (Crazy Foreigner) directed by Tony Gatlif, Rona Hartner is a complete artist: actress, singer, composer, dancer, television personality. Established in France for many years, she won the hearts of a hard-to-seduce country through hundreds of shows and dozens of movies and TV appearances. Ambassador for life of Romania, Rona always returns to us with a courageous and infectious feminine energy.Together with Taraful Hopaaa, with the support of Șaraimanic, Rona will tell us a thousand and one stories with a fiddle scent of homesickness. Let’s welcome them with warm hearts!

DJ Max

We tried to keep him away but he keeps coming back. Having DJ'ed all over Europe and being the resident DJ of @londonjazzworks Max is bringing his A game to Bucharest. He's dedicated to the cult of Teddy Wilson so be prepared for some slower swing ballads mixed in with the usual hype tunes.

DJ Ciob

The inimitable DJ Ciob wears multiple hats in our community. At UpRooted, you'll have the chance to dance on the music she carefully chooses for every occasion where she takes over the DJ desk She's got the grooves, she's got the moves, it's up to you to match her energy!

DJ Denis

The trio of DJs at UpRooted Bucharest will be completed by Denis, a passionate dancer, forever in love with music. Already known by the local swing dance community for his jazz playlists as well as for his eclectic after party choices, DJ Denis is looking forward to create the same strong bond with the Lindy Hoppers coming from abroad for UpRooted 2023. Come and say hi when you spot him around!