Venues 2023


Recul, our main venue for Friday and Saturday parties and talks, is #RemediuCultural or #CulturalRemedy. It is an urban regeneration project in which an industrial space, a former old shoe factory was transformed into a creative ecosystem consisting of:

  • Recul Theater - an Independent Theater founded in 2015, which puts the individual and the community at the fore and brings theater performances, improvisation, and drama, all inspired by the relevant reality of the encounter between the comfort deprivation of the actor with the spectator.
  • Recul Space - 850 square meters of a cultural hub, a meeting place of all forms of art and debate, of people with stories, a future incubator of projects to rinse the eyes, sharpen the mind and prick the ear.
  • Recul School - space for play and experiment for adults and children through multidisciplinary workshops built based on the improvisational theater method
  • Recul Pro - the way we translate and bring personal development and learning experiences in educational or business environments.

ARTHUB Bucharest

ARTHUB Bucharest, our Sunday Party venue is a collaborative and exhibition space with the aim to provide resources for dialogue and joint work to those in the field of art and cultural management. They produce their own artistic content but they also work as an art gallery / theater-laboratory / host space / resource-space, where artists, artists and partner organizations come to produce or exhibit their own content.

By its nature, it is a project related to people and space, being defined by the communities (artistx + public) it serves and shaped by the real estate resources it has available along the way. That is why the objectives and the offer of the project varied according to the formula of the artistic collective and the characteristics of the occupied space. However, creating facilities for artistic production and making them available to communities, groups, collectives, workers in art, theater and other artistic fields remains a priority.


On Sunday, during the day, we will pit stop at JazzBook for a drink after walking the streets of Cotroceni neighborhood with the band. The place was established in 2012 with the specific aim of promoting the jazz scene in Romania, organizing weekly, for 5 years, a series of concerts of the highest quality, with Romanian and foreign artists, having a significant contribution to the development of the community of musicians. At the same time, of the art-loving public, Jazzbook supports and promotes the artistic activity of the group that came together under the name of The Jam Community, initiating the OTHER MUSIC project.Encouraging and promoting students or recent graduates of the Bucharest Conservatory, organizing workshops that served as an alternative source of education, contributing to the creation of the Jazz Compas magazine, organizing tours and festivals of jazz and new music, hosting the recording sessions of some albums , sustaining the existence of The Jam Community group, producing an extremely consistent archive of recordings of the local jazz scene concerts, constantly supporting the ensembles brought together in the Other Music project, Jazzbook has earned a well-deserved place in the hearts of musicians and fans of jazz and improvised music from Bucharest and ended up, rather than being a simple club, to be a real private cultural institution, animated by the love for art and artists.