Event Frequency

UPROOTED will take place every 2 years event. This is why:

Traveling to Bucharest with green transportation is not easy. It takes 2-3 days to get from Central and Western Europe by train and, from other places, train is not an option at all, unfortunately. Therefore, this is our way of reducing impact on the environment, while still offering our local community the opportunity of an international exchange experience.

There are plenty of swing dance events happening across Europe all the time. Sometimes it’s even hard to choose which one to attend. We think reducing frequency might help increase the sustainability in the scene for dancers, artists, and organizers and also get rid of some FOMO.

Particularly for us, going to other meaningful dance events and being exposed to the talks of the people from the African American culture and African diaspora brought us invaluable learnings and triggered reflection on our position as guests in the Swing culture. Every new experience of this sort will probably make us reflect & rethink. Leaving 2 years between Uprooted editions will give us proper time to take more lessons in and better process them.

It took us time to articulate what we want to do with Uprooted and how we want to do it. As we reflect on ways of being respectful guests in the Swing culture and try to find answers to a lot of unanswered questions, we will most probably need to keep updating these “what” and “how”. More time between editions should help us get to more meaningful outcomes.

Having 2 years until the next one can also mean planning more efficiently the operational part. It will give us time to maybe explore more accessible cities in Romania, like Timisoara, which is closer to the Western Europe. All in all, it will help us make it better from one edition to the next.