Support Fund

Supporting each other, giving back or giving forward is important for us and it’s something we want to promote in our community.

We are aware that most of us, from the local and international Lindy Hop scene, are in a privileged position but we also acknowledge that not all of us are privileged. We want to help where help is needed and to find solutions to make this happen. 

For the first edition of UPROOTED:

  1. We wish to offer the possibility for free full passes to some dancers who are experiencing vulnerable socio-economic situations, but who have some possibility and really want to participate to the full experience of the event 
  2. At the same time, we, as organizing team, are facing the uncertainty of this event being self-sustainable from economical point of view, as this is highly dependent on the pass sales 

We have back-up for point 2., thanks to the availability of certain individuals from the organizing team to jump in with personal economies, should the situation require it.

For point 1, we thought of creating the UPROOTED Support Fund where everyone can chip in, based on personal will and what they can personally afford. This is not mandatory, it is purely based on personal choice.

What happens with the money raised?

  • Depending on how much money will be raised in the fund, the priority will be to cover, based on request, up to 6 free full passes (calculated at early bird rate of 100 Eur each) for dancers who are in vulnerable socio-economic situations
  • Should we raise more than the value of 6 full passes (meaning 600 Eur) or the need expressed through request totals less than the total value raised in the fund, we will redirect the remaining money towards another community or fund which is active in a good cause for the Lindy Hop scene
  • Should we raise less than 100 eur, we will assess the possibility of still offering 1 full pass free to someone who needs it or at least offer a discount  
  • We will communicate the status of the fund and the the number of free full passes available for application regularly
  • We will communicate to what cause will the remaining funds go (if that will be the case) after the closing of the event 


How do we define vulnerable socio-economic situations and how can the free passes be accessed?

Defining exactly what socio-economic vulnerability means to our local and international dance scene is a challenge for us. But we will try by adding below some examples of possible criteria to use as guidance: 

  • Experiencing unemployment, minimum wage or below minimum wage income, work fields with low income predictability (artistic, cultural, etc)
  • Experiencing directly the effects of natural hazards and climate disasters
  • Experiencing directly the effects of war
  • Experiencing a refugee status
  • Experiencing disabilities

To access the fund, please write us an e-mail at with the subject “UPROOTED Support fund application”, and tell us your reasons for applying for a free full pass. We will ensure full confidentiality over the information provided as well as over the identity of anyone applying for these passes. 

We will apply the rule of chronology, meaning that we will solve applications based on who reaches out to us first (day, hour, minute) as per our e-mail inbox.

Please note that we will not be able to cover from the support fund expenses that are related to the participation at the event like travel, accommodation or meals. Therefore, whomever is applying for a free full pass should thoroughly evaluate the possibility to cover those expenses themselves or from other independent sources outside the UPROOTED Support Fund.

We’re doing this for the first time and we don’t know how it’s going to work, but we deliberately chose to trust that:

  • this offering will be approached with good will and good judgment by all parties
  • all dancers from the Lindy Hop scene have the ability to treat this action with care and respect to all the parties involved

The Uprooted organizing team will as well do their best to treat this with maximum care and respect towards all parties involved.