Talk on identity with Livia Caciuloiu

There are a lot of talking points and lots of things to explore when it comes to learning, even in dancing. In choosing to do this through lindy hop, we started our learning journey from acknowledging the fact that we are stepping as guests in a community and a culture that is different from the ones we come from. 

So in preparing for this event, we chose to begin the journey from the concept of identity, because we believe that we can start to learn about and open to identities different from ours only if we first know who we are. 

Where do we start with answering the question of who I am? Join us in a one hour long conversation, exploration and experience in which we will try to take the first step into answering this question.

Talk on musicality with Mathieu Najean and Andrew Bolton

The bond between music and dance is inescapable. For that reason, Mathieu and Andrew, members of The Morning Call Jazz Band, will talk about the history of jazz, the evolution of rhythm and how everything echoes into the dance. They will elaborate on the cyclicality and structure of music, such as 16 bars, 8 bars, 4 bars. Their insights will help you better hear and absorb the music and better understand and feel the composition. The talk will last an hour.